Guidelines & Principles of The Order of Mychal



  1. We will follow the example of Father Mychal and what he has taught us in the Book of Mychal

  2. We will pray to God for all God's people

  3. We will reach out to God's people who need our support and help in their time of need

  4. We will always be honest, respectful and loving in our thoughts, our words and in our deeds

  5. We will celebrate life and all that life has to offer us.  We will also celebrate death and what death teaches us



The Order of Mychal (OM) welcomes persons seeking a Christian community without boundaries that will support and nurture each member's special gift and calling.

Prayer is an essential part of The Order of Mychal.  Each day members will take time to say a prayer with other members of the order.  Members will gather monthly or more often as time permits for a day of prayer and reflection.

The Order of Mychael will have a spiritual guide or guides who will organize monthly gathering and provide members with spiritual guidance.  This person or persons will be an ordained clergy with specific training as a clergy person.

We embrace sexuality as a gift from God which affords us opportunities to serve all God's people.

Members may select to wear a habit to help identify them as a member of the Order of Mychal.



Persons wishing to enter the order will be asked to use the first six months as a journey of discovery.  During the journey of discovery other members of the community will assist in mentoring those on the journey of discovery.

All members will vow or promise:

  1. To obey God's call

  2. Use resources to support God's call and

  3. Respect all people

The Order of Mychal will be governed by a general concensus of all members.  No one member is better than any other member.  A member of the Order of Mychal may be chosen to work on administrative matters of the Order.

Like Jesus, we are called to separate our faith in God from the abuses of hierarchy.  As Saint Mychal Judge said, "Don't let the institutional church get in the way of your relationship with God."